Examples of notable young female pianists working today

Examples of notable young female pianists working today

Historically, many more men than women have become famous for piano-playing careers. However, since the late 20th century, more women have become famous for such careers – to the extent where, today, there are many talented and successful young female pianists. Here are some particularly notable young female pianists that we at the piano tuning London service provider Little & Lampert Pianos reckon many fans of piano music should put on their 'must listen to' lists.


Ingrid Fliter

This 40-year-old Argentinian pianist has won several competitions in both her native country and Europe. She has, for example, won first prize at the Cantu International Competition, the silver medal at the International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw and fourth prize at the Ferruccio Busoni Competition in Italy. She has developed a high profile in the United States through appearances with the Warsaw Philharmonic and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.


Claire Huangci

The youngest pianist in our list here, at the age of just 24, is this American. She was given a grand piano as a present for her sixth birthday and later studied at the Settlement Music School in Philadelphia, during which time she attracted press attention and was dubbed a child prodigy for having piano-playing skills rivalling those of a professional pianist! She has since won awards, including awards in Zurich and Miami.


Olga Kern

This Russian classical pianist is just 39, but has already amassed many impressive achievements in a lengthy piano-playing career. Perhaps her most notable achievement is becoming the first woman in more than three decades to win the Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Gold Medal in the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. Piano-playing must be in her genes, as she was born into a particularly musical family and both of her parents are pianists.


Yuja Wang

Born in the Chinese city of Beijing in 1987, this classical pianist began studying piano-playing aged just six, before she attended the city's Central Conservatory of Music. She clearly hasn't been a late developer with piano playing, as, by the age of 21, she already had world renown as a concert pianist and was giving recitals in various places around the globe. Prizes she has won include third prize in the Ettlingen International Competition for Young Pianists in Germany and third prize and Special Jury Prize in the Piano Section at the first Sendai International Music Competition in Japan.