Piano Restoration and Repairs

Piano Restoration and Repairs

Little and Lampert have a piano workshop at their piano shop and showroom in Northwood, Middlesex. At this location we are able to carry out reconditioning, repairs and renovations to all makes of pianos, restoring them to their past glory either for individual customers or for re-sale.

We are able to refresh tired-looking pianos by French Polishing the casing and restoring the keys. As well as improving the look of the outside of the piano, we can carry out restoration to the frame and the action to ensure that you get the best sound from your piano.

If your piano has suffered accidental damage or needs any repair work, we undertake minor and major repairs for all makes and models of pianos. Please contact our workshop and we will be able to give you a detailed quote.

Occasionally complete renovation of an older piano is not financially viable, in which case we can offer you our advice on the best course of action. Sometimes a less expensive repair can extend the life of your old friend or maybe it is time to consider buying a replacement.

We have considerable expertise in restoring pianos sympathetically and can take on work from anywhere in the UK. Please contact our workshop so that we can discuss your particular needs.