A beginner's guide to having Yamaha pianos tuned

A beginner's guide to having Yamaha pianos tuned

If you have recently purchased any Yamaha pianos from Little and Lampert Pianos, then you have perhaps already heard about our piano tuning Middlesex services and even heard many people recommend that you arrange to have any Yamaha pianos that you have purchased regularly tuned. However, you may be wondering why it is so often recommended that pianos, including Yamaha pianos, are regularly tuned. Well, this article can explain exactly that - and, in the process, use refreshingly little complex jargon that could bewilder anyone with less than a huge knowledge of pianos.

The definition of piano tuning

First, though, it would be wise for us to explain exactly what piano tuning is. Piano tuning is - and it really isn't easy for us to explain this using entirely straightforward language - the act of making very small adjustments to the tensions of a piano's strings to properly align the intervals between their tones to ensure that the piano is what is referred to as "in tune". Ensuring that a piano is regularly in tune through the process of piano tuning is never straightforward, as there is no one particular fixed set of pitches to which any one piano should be tuned. On the contrary, effective piano tuning necessitates beforehand an assessment of the interaction among notes, which is different for every piano; hence, there are different sets of pitches required for the tuning of different pianos.

You can benefit from our piano tuning London services

It is often recommended that pianos, including Yamaha pianos, are each tuned twice a year. Thankfully, this might not sound too frequent to you and using the piano tuning London services available from Little and Lampert Pianos should ensure that arranging for the regular tuning of any pianos, including Yamaha U1 pianos and Yamaha U3 pianos, that you own should not seriously adversely impact your bank balance. This should remain the case even if you opt to have us tune a piano four times during the first year after it has been bought, as is also a widely recommended procedure, before opting to have us tune that piano twice a year for the rest of the time that you own and regularly use it. We employ highly qualified and experienced technicians who can tune an impressive variety of pianos, including pianos manufactured by Yamaha, Kawai, Kemble, Bechendorfer and Bentley. You can read the relevant page of our website to learn more about our piano tuning services.