yamaha container arrived

We are delighted to let you know that today we have taken delivery of yet another container of Yamaha pianos from Japan. It is amazing, we have been importing Yamaha & Kawai pianos from Japan since 1996. We were actually the third company in the UK to import second hand Japanese pianos from Japan. Those days were very exciting. It was so easy to obtain a container of uprights and grand pianos. Simply send a fax (remember those) and within a few hours you would have a couple of meters of fax paper rolling out of the machine with an endless list of pianos. Now with the used piano market from Japan being so popular all over the world, it is now much harder to obtain the endless flow of top quality pianos. It is however easy to get loads of poor quality pianos from Japan which is what most dealers do these days in the UK and they appear happy to sell to the public scruffy low quality pianos.
Our problem is, because we are so critical about the quality of our Yamaha and Kawai pianos, it makes sourcing "A+" pianos from Japan that much harder. It is true to say that in life you get what you pay for. If you want quality and 100% perfect pianos to offer to the public then one has to wait a while for the quality to come through instead of just taking any piano from Japan to sell it on to the none too suspecting public. At Little & Lampert Pianos we only import the very best previously owned Japanese pianos which always means that the public are always guaranteed first class pianos and service from us. Pop along to our showrooms and come and see true top quality Yamaha second hand pianos. You will not believe that they are second hand. We also have a vast selection of Roland digital pianos which offer an excellent alternative option to the poor quality cheap used piano. Most Roland units are intelligent which opens up a world of music on your tablet, I-pad etc.