Tips for Buying a Piano

Tips for Buying a Piano

Buying a new or used piano can be a very fun and worthwhile experience but it can also be fraught – especially if you’ve never purchased or owned a piano before. Whilst Little and Lampert Pianos, piano shop London aims to guide you through every step of your journey into owning a piano, it’s always useful, not to mention interesting, if you have some knowledge too.

From knowing the process of piano tuning London to knowing whether you want a Yahama Ul Piano or another model from the range of Yamaha pianos, there is much to know and learn. However, the following universal tips for buying a piano could give you a good foothold as you turn to Piano shop Middlesex.

1. Sample

One piano does not fit all and you’ll need to discover what you like and dislike about each piano you try before making a selection. Therefore, you’ll be encouraged to try as many pianos as it takes for you to find the perfect fit for you and your playing style.

2. Room Acoustics

The room where the piano will be housed is as important as the piano itself. A single piano could have a completely different sound in your home as it will in a showroom. However, our experience coupled with your knowledge of your home will enable you to be guided towards the right fit for you.

3. Testing

You wouldn’t buy a car you hadn’t taken on a test drive, and the same should be true of buying a piano. We’ll encourage you to take your time and play the piano before buying. You should try each key at different volumes and lengths as well as the foot pedals on different octaves in order to establish whether it is the instrument for you.

4. Knowledge

At Little and Lampert, we adore pianos and take our specialist knowledge very seriously. However, you should also do as much research as you want to in order to feel comfortable and confident with your choice. Find out what makes Yamaha pianos special, the best way of keeping your piano in the best condition and the history of the model you aspire to. Our blog is a great source of information but there is always much to learn.