There are great videos on the website of this piano shop London-based company

There are great videos on the website of this piano shop London-based company

We at Little and Lampert Pianos would like to think that we have provided enough textual information on this website about both our company and the pianos that are available to purchase from our piano shop Middlesex-based firm to address any questions that you may have about these pianos and, indeed, the company from which these pianos, including Yamaha pianos, can be bought. However, sometimes a lot of text can be too off-putting for many people to want to read a lot of; hence, they might want some other way of accessing much of the same useful information. Such people might find the videos that we have made available to view via the 'Videos' page of our website especially useful.

We have both useful videos...

Of course, it's likely that, if you are reading this, you haven't just visited this website for a laugh; you are likely instead to have visited it for the serious business of looking for a piano to buy or learning more about the piano repair and restoration services on offer from Little and Lampert Pianos. If you have indeed visited this website for any of these purposes, then you should find many of these videos especially useful. By "many of these videos", we refer specifically to videos including "Introduction from Paul", where one of the owners of the business explains its history and purpose; "Piano Restoration Work", through which we explain how much care we take over every single piano that we sell; and "Tuning a piano", where we talk more about the piano tuning Middlesex service that we offer within 20 miles of our piano shop London-based company.

... and funny and quirky videos!

However, we know that perusing a lot of information about the piano shop Middlesex-based company Little and Lampert Pianos, its pianos - including Yamaha 02 pianos - and its piano tuning London services, even through watching video footage rather than reading text, can begin to feel like too much of a chore from time to time. That is why we have also included, among the many more serious videos accessible for viewing through the 'Videos' page of our website, some more funny and quirky videos that we reckon could bring many smiles to your face. We would particularly recommend that you watch the video "Parrot on a Piano", where you can see our own parrot, Oscar, who lives in our shop!