Today is Friday 13th April 2018, lucky for so many as Little & Lampert Pianos have just taken delivery of a container of high quality second hand Yamaha upright pianos and Yamaha grand pianos. You can see on the video link Paul unpacking a Yamaha U3 which has just been unloaded off the container. You can see the packing is very impressive, ensuring no damage can occur whilst the pianos are shipped from Japan to us in the UK. You can also see how the quality of the pianos are stunning. They look as good as new, when Paul takes off the top door you can see the action, strings and keys are as good as new too. Our imported Yamaha pianos are the best in the country. No other importer has second hand Yamaha pianos to the same high quality as ours. Little & Lamperts second hand Yamaha pianos are the best in the UK. The case parts and the sides are repolished so the cases are in mint condition. Legs and toes repolished too. Keys are brand new and the actions reconditioned. Hammer heads, damper felts new, new loops, tapes and all parts centered and rebushed. The pianos are simply as good as new. No other importer has this amount of work done to their second hand Yamaha pianos. We at Little & Lampert Pianos believe in quality of service and will only supply quality pianos. A piano is a part of your house and is an item of furniture too. You want it to look good and play beautifully. No one wants a piano with scratches, dents and looks rusty inside.