The Benefits of Owning a Piano

There was a time many years ago, mostly before the advent of the television and musical (CD, record, MP3) players that nearly every home had a piano. Now, the homes which have a piano as part of the fixtures and fittings tend to be few and far between, and as a result many people have forgotten the many benefits of owning a piano:

1. The sound

From gentle melodies to loud dramatic overtures, there is nothing like the sound of a piano being played. Once upon a time, the sound of a piano would have brightened up the entire home. However with fewer people being encouraged to take piano lessons and pianos themselves being fewer, the sound is little heard.

2. The investment

Many pianos are actually family heirlooms which have been passed down through Wills and estates. Rather than instruments to be played, they become the piece which sparks a memory of a grandmother playing her favourite tune as hot tea and biscuits were served. As the only physical memory your children and grandchildren might have of a happy childhood, a piano is an investment for the future.

3. Decoration

With vintage styling being the current fashion, there has never been a better time to buy a classic piano. As a stunning centrepiece to any room or entrance hall, a piano can quickly turn a bland room into a homely space you’ll want to entertain in.

4. Encouragement

The chances are that many people would be interested in piano playing if the piano was present and available. If you’re looking to encourage a member of your family to take up playing, then having a piano ready and waiting to spark their interest is the perfect way.

5. Family Time

Many families struggle to spend time together now, and a big reason behind this is that they cannot find a shared activity. The piano is that activity and is great for encouraging quality time together.

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