Should you choose a digital or acoustic piano?

Should you choose a digital or acoustic piano?

In a 500 year history, the piano has become exceptionally popular. However, within that time there have also been a number of changes. Sounds have become clearer, playing styles have changed and more recently, customers seeking new pianos have been looking towards digital pianos rather than their traditional acoustic counterparts.

There are of course advantages and disadvantages to each choice, and whilst Piano shop London stocks both digital and acoustic pianos, the choice is often a very personal and subjective one:


Although the digital piano might offer a variety of sounds, many traditionalists would argue that the exact sound and pitch of a traditional offering such as a Yamaha U1 piano cannot be replicated accurately onto a digital model.

Whilst this might be an essential consideration for newer players, the difference in sounds as well as weight and playability might be more important for those who are used to acoustic.


Of course, the huge benefit of buying a traditional piano is that they act as an investment which many people choose to pass down through their families. However, the initial cost of the piano can be a disadvantage. Whilst a new acoustic piano might cost more than a pre-loved Yamaha piano, there is little doubt that the cost of a digital piano is likely to be lower than both.


As most people know, owing an acoustic piano means keeping it in perfect working order and for many people this means regular trips for piano tuning Middlesex. For many people this is part and parcel of owning a traditional instrument and is actually an enjoyable element. However, for others it is a burden and an inconvenience. Digital pianos, however, need no such upkeep. They simply play consistently with or without tuning.


With most people having less space than ever, making the most of that space is more important than it has ever been. Whilst a traditional piano looks homely and welcoming, there is also the factor of the amount of space they take up. Not only that but they can be cumbersome and aren’t easily moved. Whilst a digital piano doesn’t have the same “old world” look to them, there is something to be said for being lightweight and easily moved.