Qualities for a Good Piano Teacher

Just as many highly educated or successful people credit their teachers with their success, often saying that it was their enthusiasm, professionalism or manner which spurred the student to success, the importance of a good piano teacher should never be underestimated.

This is why, when searching for a new piano teacher it is important to seek out some key characteristics:

1. Enthusiasm

It almost goes without saying that a teacher of music should be passionate about music but it is a vital quality. Teachers should be enthusiastic about their entire subject so whether the student plays Jazz better than Classical music or prefers modern music to traditional, the teacher should be able to demonstrate the same level of enthusiasm during lessons.

In addition to their passion for a wide variety of musical styles, it can also be helpful to find a teacher who appreciates the personal style and taste of the student. There can be few things worse than a student who wishes to play lengthy concertos being taught (and directed towards) short show pieces – especially if the student in question wishes to seek out a career in their favoured style.

2. Patience

In any form of teaching, patience is a vital consideration. However, whether the student in question is a beginner or has a comprehensive pre-knowledge, the patience of the teacher is essential. Not only should they tailor lessons to learn at the student’s pace but they should also consider teaching in a style which appeals to each individual student.

3. Experience

Although any teacher can have good and bad experiences, it is important to seek out a teacher who not only has a good level of experience in both teaching and performance but who also has a strong reputation and positive results such as grades or success stories.

4. Their Piano

No teacher worth their salt would have a poor instrument, but finding a piano with whom the student is compatible is essential. Whilst one person might favour Yamaha Pianos, another student might play better on another manufacturers’ instrument. Further to the piano itself, the state of it is important. Therefore, seeking a teacher who regularly employs piano tuning London is a further consideration.