Piano Art Projects Throughout the World

Piano Art Projects Throughout the World

There are many people who believe the piano to be an old fashioned instrument which has little benefit or use when compared to digital pianos and other modern instruments.

However, artists across the world are introducing innovative ways to not only help people to rediscover the love of the piano but also to bring them together.

Projects in Prague, Boston and Sydney, Australia have also seen large numbers of traditional pianos popping up on the street, just waiting for a pianist and a willing audience.

Whilst Boston has seen some 80 pianos delivered to the city streets, in a variety of tourist and popular places, Prague has seen a total of 12 pianos placed in city streets, public areas and train stations.

The creator of the Prague art project has suggested that in addition to calling attention to the piano and the sound it creates, the project has been designed to get people away from their typical routine.

Discussing his project, OdrejKobza a well-known artist and Prague based restaurateur said “About two years ago I put a piano outside Cafe V Lese as a test, to see what would happen. It was incredible to see just how much it changed the atmosphere, and how people come together through music. Instead of sitting there watching cars go by, people got involved, played together, and created such a wonderful feeling. All my life I have been attracted to the outdoors, to public space. Having visited places like Berlin, where you can see real life connecting in the streets, I wanted to bring something like that here.I'm very proud of Czech people. I think we are quite musical and not afraid to try something new.”

Many similar projects in London have also been trialled with Yamaha pianos ready for playing dotted around many of the rail and international stations, including St Pancras.

Of course, the image of people gathered around a piano playing and singing is nothing new but many feel that it is a social pastime which has been lost in more recent times. How the projects will go on to affect the sales of pianos remains to be seen.