John Moody

Just thought I'd let you know that I had the Danemann tuned a few days after the move (which went really smoothly .......... i managed to get my trailer round to the back of the house, and got the piano straight into the lounge, backwards through the patio doors, the piano remaining flat down).

The frame, sound board etc cleaned up really well, and my tuner is here again today to re-face the hammers, replace a string, regulate, and re-tune it. We had the Bristol Piano Club annual Christmas party here last Saturday, and several pianist friends of ours played it, and they all liked it very much. They have a Steinway B, a Bossendorfer upright, a Bechstein grand, a Bluthner baby, a Broadwood grand, and a Yamaha upright between them. It just shows the name isn't everything.

Anyway, the main thing is that I'm enjoying it (so is my wife), and can't stop playing it. My son has looked at the case, and says there is nothing on the case that will be too much of a problem to restore, albeit with quite a lot of work. It's definitely a piano I'll enjoy doing because it is such a delight to play.

Thanks again for your honesty, and your help Paul with the move. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for a piano.