How to Find the Year Your Yamaha Pianos were Made?

How to Find the Year Your Yamaha Pianos were Made?

Finding the year your Yamaha was made

Yamaha pianos are notably popular. Their manufacture quality is second-to-none and households across the world are proud owners of these handsome instruments. But the value of Yamaha pianos can depend heavily on the year in which they were made. Yamaha pianos remain a popular seller on the marketplace because of their quality of build. Here we explain how you can find out the year that Yamaha pianos were made.

Under the lid

To begin, you need to lift the lid of your piano. Depending on the model, you may need to use a prop to hold the lid up for safety. You are looking for the piano's serial number. If your model is a grand piano, this will be located on the gold plate, usually on the lower right hand side. On an upright model, the number will be on the same plate but will be located at the top right.

Go online

Make a note of this serial number and go to the Yamaha website. On the site, there is a serial number search facility ( Submitting your serial number will give you the year of manufacture, as well as other information relating to your model which can be very useful for anyone selling Yamaha pianos.

So you can see that the serial number located inside the lids of Yamaha pianos can tell you a lot about the model that you own. The Yamaha website can provide you with all of this information, which is handy for your own records but also wise if you are planning to sell your Yamaha piano. Details such as these can mean quite a difference in price, so it's definitely worth doing your research. Your buyers will probably ask for this information before making you an offer.