First choir practice with a real instrument

First choir practice with a real instrument

Little and Lampert sells pianos to schools, churches and village halls as well as to individuals. When we delivered a Yamaha UX3 upright piano for use in a church, we knew that it would be really appreciated.

Here is the testimonial from our customer:

We took delivery of our Yamaha UX3 yesterday... wonderful! Our first choir practice with a real instrument. Many thanks for your advice and patience when visiting your shop, it was a really pleasant experience. The piano was delivered on time and in perfect condition.

Little & Lampert Pianos is highly recommended, their service & expertise is very re-assuring.

Best regards

Volodymyr, Cathedral of the Holy Transfiguration, Ukrainian Authocephalous Orthodox Church

Little and Lampert sell pianos throughout Northwest London, particularly to the area around the M25 including Rickmansworth, Watford, Baker's Wood and Uxbridge.