Ensuring Success as a Beginner

When embarking on piano lessons, or even self-tutelage, it can be hard to keep and maintain focus, especially if the person taking starting to play the piano is a complete novice.

However, there are three simple steps which every learner should take to ensure that, whatever path they wish to find themselves on, they have a higher chance of success within that path.

It is worth noting however, that in addition to the three universal steps, there is also a fourth: the piano in question. Although the player and their technique is important, the value of a high quality instrument should never be underestimated. Therefore, whether you’re intending to play as a hobby or in a more professional manner, investing in Yamaha pianos from Piano Shop London is a “secret ingredient” to ensuring success.

Step 1: Lessons

Although some people do choose to go it alone, the best way of learning to play, having talent developed and maintaining enthusiasm is with the right teacher. Of course, there are many ways of determining what is the “right teacher” and different people have different opinions. Whilst some are fixated on the previous success of the teacher and their pupils, others are more likely to be attracted to a particular method, way of teaching or to someone they have heard rave reviews of.

Step 2: Communication

A teacher and their lessons are only as good as the instructions they receive. Whilst the majority of teachers have their own lesson plans and styles, the communication between teacher and student (and parent of student if applicable) can be the difference between success and failure. It may be that the student wishes to progress faster than their teacher is allowing or vice versa, but without communication it’s likely that both parties will become frustrated.

Step 3: Resources

As has already been noted, the key to success often lies in the instrument and its’ quality. Not only do many people recommend a Yamaha UL piano for professional playing but they also recommend regular maintenance of their piano through piano tuning Middlesex to ensure the sound quality.

However, as important as the piano is, as are other resources such as music, equipment, theory books and the actual experience of hearing concerts and attending symphonies. These will do more to inspire the aspiring player than lessons alone are likely to.