Choosing a Piano: New or Pre-loved?

Choosing a Piano: New or Pre-loved?

Deciding that you’re going to either invest in your very first piano or replace your current one is a very exciting time – with lots of choice.

However, before you can start choosing and trying pianos, the first major decision you have to make is whether to buy a new or pre-loved piano.

Although this might sound like a very simple question, there are lots of factors to consider and the choice is one which is extremely personal:


Of course, for most people the most important factor is the cost. Unless you were planning on buying a classic or grand piano, it’s likely that a newer model such as the Yamaha U1 Piano would set you back more than a pre-loved standard Yamaha piano. However, if you’re considering that the piano is an investment then paying the extra may be worth it in the long run.

The Insides

The largest benefit of buying a brand new piano is that the customer has the benefit of knowing that it has been dispatched from the manufacturer in the highest possible quality. However, with a pre-loved piano there is always the question of how well the piano has been cared for during its’ lifetime. That’s not to say that the brand new piano is the better option; simply that care should be taken when making the selection.

Whilst buying a pre-loved piano from Piano Shop London, a customer can be assured that each piano is in pristine condition and is of the highest quality, there isn’t always this guarantee, especially if you were to buy from a private seller. For this reason, it’s always worth investigating the piano you want to buy and to ensure that you either have a warranty or some form of comeback should anything go wrong.

Does it Fit Your Needs

Whilst there are benefits to buying both new and used pianos, the biggest question any would-be buyer should ask is whether the model they are about to buy suits their needs. Whilst a learner might appreciate an older piano they can learn and practice on, an aficionado might prefer a brand new piano they can enjoy and admire.