Looping Cords Video Transcript

James: “One of the most common questions we get asked from the general public is ‘have the looping cords been replaced?’ These are the looping cords here, which are on the hammer flange and attached to the... read more »

Disclavier Video Transcript

James: “As Paul said we specialise in Yamahas which are a little bit special, and this one is no exception. It’s a U3 just arrived from Japan, with a difference.....” read more »

Using Headphones Video Transcript

James: “This is probably our best selling piano, it’s from the Yamaha range. That was a silent piano on silent... now you can hear the difference. [James switches off piano... read more »

Back of a Piano Video Transcript

Paul: “At Little and Lampert Pianos we tend to specialise in unusual Yamahas. To show you the difference between a conventionally made one and a hand built one: If you look round the back of a... read more »

Tuning a Piano Video Transcript

James: “As you can see we not only restore all our pianos but we are also fully qualified piano tuners and piano tuner technicians. So once the pianos have come in from... read more »

Hammer Flange Video Transcript

Paul: “This is a hammer flange which we replace. This is the piece that the actual hammer pivots on, to allow it to hit the string, and this is the looping cord at the top which is... read more »

Piano Restoration Work Video Transcript

James: “So now we just want to show you what we do to our pianos. We are extremely particular on the quality of our imported Yamaha pianos. This is a new one that has just arrived... read more »

Introduction From Paul Video Transcript

Paul: “Hi my name is Paul, Paul Lampert of Little and Lampert Pianos, and I run this business with my business partner James. We’ve run from this shop for eighteen years, but we’ve both been in the piano... read more »