An introduction to Yamaha pianos

An introduction to Yamaha pianos

Even if you have very little knowledge or experience of the world of pianos, you are likely to have heard of Yamaha. That's because the corporation - known, to use its full name, as Yamaha Corporation - offers a staggeringly large variety of products and services, including predominantly electronics, motorcycles, power sports equipment and musical instruments - including, yes, Yamaha pianos. The company was a piano and reed organ manufacturer when it was first established in 1887, so it should hardly be surprising that the company today offers an impressive variety of pianos for sale, many of which, including Yamaha U1 pianos and Yamaha U3 pianos, are available at especially appealing prices from the piano shop London-based Little and Lampert Pianos. This article provides an introduction to Yamaha pianos, especially those available to purchase from our company.

An impressive variety of Yamaha pianos

The Yamaha Corporation has produced an impressive variety of pianos throughout its history, including grand, baby grand, upright, player, silent, hybrid, stage and digital pianos. There certainly isn't sufficient room to list all of the different models of piano that have been developed and sold by Yamaha Corporation throughout its history; however, we can certainly go into further detail about the Yamaha pianos, which include Yamaha U1 pianos and Yamaha U3 pianos, on offer from Little and Lampert Pianos.

The benefits of Yamaha pianos from Little and Lampert Pianos

We have been importing used Japanese pianos from Japan since 1995 and, of all of the pianos that we import, our most popular are Yamaha pianos. We reckon that this is because they offer highly impressive value for money; for example, the quality of Yamaha pianos is world renowned and the Yamaha pianos that we sell are, despite being used, as good as new! Indeed, so high is the quality of Yamaha pianos that we would never recommend that anyone buys any used Japanese pianos other than Yamaha pianos, as they are simply not of the same quality or built to the same specifications. It is also crucial to remember to buy Yamaha pianos from a suitable dealer; that dealer should, for example, be fully trained in the piano trade and be a piano technician rather than, for example, a piano teacher or concert pianist. We at piano shop Middlesex-based Little and Lampert Pianos are fully qualified piano tuner/technicians and so can be relied upon to provide Yamaha pianos, including Yamaha U1 pianos and Yamaha U3 pianos, of especially high quality.