Yamaha G1 Grand Piano sale

Yamaha G1 Grand Piano sale

Buy your Yamaha G1 Grand Piano here at Little and Lampert. The Yamaha G1 was a very popular brand new ‘quality grand piano’ in the 80s and now, as a second hand pianos, it is one of the most popular models if you are looking... read more »

Yamaha U3 - the perfect piano for beginners

If you are looking to buy the perfect piano for beginners, then look no further than the Yamaha U3 upright piano. This Japanese piano is recommended by piano teachers and is a high quality all round piano with a rich tone and a responsive feel. A... read more »

Want a Kawai NS 15 upright piano?

The Kawai NS 15 upright piano is definitely worth considering if you are looking to buy a good quality Japanese upright piano. We recently sold a Kawai NS 15 to a customer in Ruislip, Middlesex for £2195 which is a good price for this model... read more »

Looking for an Earl Windsor upright piano?

Are you looking to buy an Earl Windsor piano? This traditional style, upright piano has a big sound and represents great value for a Japanese built piano. We recently sold an Earl Windsor U2 piano for £1695 to a client in London who is very... read more »

Helpful, professional and an excellent service

Mr & Mrs Mullen chose a Yamaha U3 upright piano which we had recently imported from Japan. They had seen some of our videos on our website which had helped to reinforce our reputation as experts with an in-depth knowledge of the piano... read more »

Customer requires piano tuning

Having bought a Yamaha U3 piano from us, Mrs Mullen was keen to use our piano tuning service. We were pleased that our dedication to customer service had brought this client back to us for further work. Mrs Mullen wrote: read more »

Concert stool delights our buyer from Mexico

Little and Lampert sells pianos online through eBay as well as at our shop. This means that our customers come from far and wide. We recently supplied a B1B genuine leather concert stool to a school teacher in Mexico. This is the... read more »

A rich powerful bass and a lovely clear treble

Some customers prefer the action and tone of an acoustic piano to the sound produced by a digital piano. We welcome customers who wish to come and try out our range of upright pianos so that they can find the right piano for them. This... read more »

Special birthday present

We were especially happy to be able to supply this Yamaha upright piano to a customer who was looking for a particular model as a present. This is what our delighted customer told us: I searched high and low for the more modern version of the... read more »

Silent piano practice

This customer wanted an upright piano which can either be a normal acoustic piano, or a digital piano which you can play and listen to using headphones. This means that the household does not have to listen to the piano practice, but can enjoy... read more »